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And we do not participate in low-paying affiliate or sales programmes. If a link to your commercial website is not appropriate based on our editorial criteria, consider an illustrated sponsored link! Our links page gets over four hundred (400) readers each day, and we cannot promote one commercial interest over another. (Please read the following sections.)

We generally do not publicize particular upcoming events free of charge, though our events page lists annual ones. Our staff does not have time to follow the schedules of various events in Sicily. If you want to publicize a particular event, consider a sponsored link ad.

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Best of Sicily has over 150,000 readers in a busy month (over two million each year). Not every visitor is interested in every topic presented here, but the sites linked to free-of-charge should relate to a topic of general interest to readers who are planning a trip to Sicily or are genuinely interested in Sicilian history, people, culture and geography. (This excludes most self-centered family history and genealogy pages, though a brief introduction to genealogy is presented on our genealogical research page and we do link to a few informational genealogy sites.)

The site you suggest must have a clear, correct, standard English text. (Per forza!) It need not have an Italian text but a good English text is essential. (Unfortunately, many bilingual sites developed in Italy fall short in the area of English translations.)

In general, the site should not be exclusively commercial in nature. This policy categorically excludes individual hotel and travel agency sites, as well as most other business sites. A non-commercial site on Sicilian wines, for example, could be included (as long as it doesn't mention brands that compete directly with those of our advertisers), while the site of a particular Sicilian winery normally would not be considered. Certain restaurant sites are welcome if they present the topic of Sicilian cuisine in an interesting or appealing way. Sites dealing with certain Sicilian products of an artistic nature, such as ceramic art, silverware or furniture, may also be considered. In any event, placement of a link on the Links Page is made at the sole discretion of our editors, and does not constitute an endorsement or testimonial of any kind.

While encouraging diversity of opinion, we must require that the content of the site be accurate (no revisionist history about Garibaldi "liberating" Sicily and no tales of the Mafia being founded as a medieval independence movement).

Permanent sites administered with their own domain names (www.yoursicilysite.com) are generally preferred to personal home pages and sites hosted on university servers, but this is a flexible policy. The site's text should be original, even if the site's editors have permission to re-publish certain material. This is especially true of material which has appeared in a magazine having wide distribution. We sometimes prefer not to link to a site if more than three or four of its pages include non-original articles of this kind.

We do not link to sites whose copy appears to have been provided by a content farm, or whose subject matter is redundant (or in any event non-complementary) relative to Best of Sicily's main pages and articles.

While we sometimes publish articles dealing with important social issues, the linked site's primary purpose should not be political in the sense of representing a particular political party, movement, large organisation, arcane philosophy, view point, lobby or special-interest group - or a particular group of politicians, artists or businessmen. In fact, we normally do not list sites which in any way express the views of politicians, bureaucrats, or individuals employed by, or connected with, the Italian government (including local, regional and national travel bureaus). The web sites of organisations that represent important aspects of Sicilian culture or history are welcome (theatres, opera houses, art galleries), but certain otherwise well-designed sites cannot be considered because of the political, partisan or "personality-oriented" views expressed in their pages. The personalities that interest our visitors are those of native Sicilian actors, actresses, artists, musicians, composers, authors, fashion designers and authors, not journalists, politicians, web site designers (!), event organisers, et al. Like most of our foreign visitors, Best of Sicily has no interest in Sicilian partisan politics, and we don't like to see political opinions disguised as journalism. A site dealing with religion in Sicily (Catholicism, Orthodoxy, Judaism, Islam, etc.) may be considered.

Made in Sicily. Here's why...In most cases, the linked site should deal specifically with Sicily (instead of Italy generally) or Sicilians (rather than their descendants outside Sicily). This website is edited in Sicily by Sicilians. We're published in English, but Best of Sicily is Sicilian, not "Sicilian-American" or related to Sicilian descendants (or emigrants) living in various countries outside Italy. Generally, we do not publish information relating to Sicilians (or Sicilian culture) beyond Italian borders. This policy also applies to links. Best of Sicily is not ethnocentric. Therefore, we sometimes publish information relating to non-Italians who live and work in Sicily. The key focus is Sicily as a location.

We often reject sites which are poorly designed; the sites developed by certain Sicilian firms and government agencies are infamous in this regard. We don't link to sites which present a large quantity of intentionally misleading information as though it were fact. We usually reject sites which try to insert cookies onto your computer's hard drive - unless there seems to be a valid reason for the use of such "biscotti."

We reserve the right to charge for some types of commercial text links on certain link-oriented pages (such as the tours page), though not on the main links page. In the interest of editorial honesty, such links will be identified as "sponsored" links.

We understand that these guidelines are rather difficult to meet, but they are necessary if Best of Sicily's editorial integrity is to be preserved. Best of Sicily is different, and we'd like to stay that way. We won't send readers to sites which we wouldn't want to spend our time visiting. If you know of a site that you feel should be listed on our links page, let us know. You'll find more information at About Us and Site Faqs. Grazie.

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