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Sicilian Horse Carts
A living tradition
The cart creator's art is almost a lost one, kept alive by the diligence and dedication of just a few talented craftsmen --at once carpenters, ironsmiths and artists.
The Sicilian horse cart.
In these colourful panels, Sicilian kings and knights stride alongside legends like Roland - the Italians' Orlando. Normans fight Moors and Sicilians combat Angevins.
History comes alive.
In centuries past, these works of art were everywhere in Sicily. The few that remain, and the few which are created each year, seem to represent more than another era. They symbolise a way of life, and the fact that Sicily's unique medieval history has never been far from the popular mind. A few antique carts can be seen, and new ones purchased, in the Sicilian Cart Museum behind the apse of Palermo Cathedral.

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