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There are at least a thousand ways to experience our island in the sun. We have around a hundred suggestions to get you started. Personalized travel, private tours, tailor-made itineraries and much more.
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Peoples of Sicily with Jacqueline Alio – 16-25 November 2014
   See Sicily through the eyes of one of its foremost historians. Seeing is under­standing. Dis­cover the world's first multi­cultural island with the author of The Peoples of Sicily, the most impor­tant Sicilian history pub­lished in thirty years. For over a decade, Jackie Alio has worked here in Sicily, publishing the results of her original scholarly research in medieval manuscripts and other records.
   Until now, most tours of Sicily led by historians were offered by universities – and therefore unavailable to "outsiders" in the general market – or by a handful of firms promoting various tours led by archeology professors knowledgeable in some aspects of Sicilian history.
   This ten-day tour is led by one of Sicily's leading historians (whose work appears on this website and in several books), featuring a lecture by the history editor of Best of Sicily – recognized internationally as one of our island's foremost medievalists.
    This year, tour Sicily with historian Jackie Alio. And meet the peoples! (Read more)

About Us: We're the kind of Sicily-based company that your local travel agent uses! Based in Palermo (Sicily's largest city), Tradizione Turismo Chat & Tour (whose services are marketed under the names Best of Sicily and Sicily Concierge) is a licensed tour operator and travel services company associated with the IATA and the American Society of Travel Agents. Most of the services mentioned on this page are provided directly by Tradizione Turismo; some (specifically those presented on Best of Sicily's Bed & Breakfast and Hotel pages) are offered by other firms and this is clearly indicated. Visit our main tours page for terms and purchase conditions, as well as faqs, regarding our tours and excursions.

If you're an EU citizen you probably won't need a visa to enter Italy. Visitors from certain other countries can visit Italy for up to 3 months without a visa, though their passports must be valid for the entire duration of their stay. These countries include the USA, Canada, Japan, Australia and others. Check the Italian Foreign Ministry website or contact the nearest Italian consulate to see whether you need a visa to enter Italy.
Credit Cards: Some restaurants and shops only accept cash. Mastercard and Visa are the most widely accepted credit cards; fewer Sicilian establishments accept American Express.
Currency Exchange: Italy's currency is the euro (€). Banks cannot exchange large amounts of currency, usually limiting transactions to €400 at a time. Visit our currency converter for current exchange rates.
Dining: Lunch, the main meal of the day, is usually served around 1, dinner at 8. Expect exceptional Sicilian wines, but no poultry. Few restaurants in Sicily serve chicken, which is roasted on a skewer and sold at stands as a take-away meal. Pizza is an evening food, and coffees containing milk (cappuccino) are usually served in the morning.
Tipping: 10% is normal in restaurants.
Smoking: Not permitted in restaurants or in any buildings open to the public, including stores and hotels.
Safety: To discourage purse snatchers women should carry small purses, if any, Along streets, carry your purse on the side away from traffic, as some thieves steal them while riding motor scooters. Backpacks should not be worn (but instead carried) in crowded areas or on buses.
Dress: In churches, including Monreale Abbey, Cefalù Cathedral and Palermo's Palatine Chapel, women should not enter with uncovered arms or wearing miniskirts or very short pants. Men should not enter wearing short pants.
Weather: Visit Best of Sicily's weather page for forecasts and current conditions, as well as an idea of what to expect when you're in Sicily.
Business Hours: Most stores and offices are closed in the afternoon from 1 until 4, when they open until 7 or 8.