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Antonella Affronti
by Antonella Gallo

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Mediterraneo, acrylic on canvas, 1999.Antonella Affronti could be described as a "middle aged" artist, but she began painting seriously only about twenty years ago, first exhibiting in a one-woman show in 1982. Affronti's delayed entry into the world of fine art has not prevented her talent from blossoming. Considered collectively (as perhaps every artist's work should be), her paintings bridge the gap between the abstract and representational. It is simple but eloquent in both its theme and its execution.

She uses both oil and acrylic, usually preferring the latter. This makes her exceptional, for while acrylic, with its quick drying time, would seem more convenient than oil, such is rarely the case. On the contrary, it limits acrylic's workability. Another interesting characteristic of Affronti's work is its seeming similarity to oil colors.

The colors and shades are themselves remarkable. Clearly, this artist is that rarest of masters --a colorist. Whether it's in a landscape or seascape, Affronti's colors are vivid, realistic, captivating. We've reproduced one of her more abstract pieces here, but nothing can compare to her originals. In Affronti's hands, wheat fields and the sea come to life for the viewer.

Her recognition of the action of light --dramatic highlights and sober shadows-- on her subjects makes her exceptional. Few artists paint to appeal to the senses in this way. Van Gogh did, and he is one of Affronti's influences. But her paintings show a certain originality.

Antonella Affronti has exhibited throughout Italy over the last two decades, and loves to paint. It must be said that her joy shows in her work.

About the Author: Artist Antonella Gallo teaches art in Rome.

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