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J U L Y - 2 0 1 8
The Vine Whisperer.
Procida's Chronicle
The Vine Whisperer
Medieval history
By Vincenzo Salerno
Queen of Sicily
By Patricia Almond
A Review
By Roberto Scalea

June 2018
Timaeus. Writing ancient history. Taormina's ancient historian. By Vincenzo Salerno.

Fritella. Green gourmet delight. Fava beans and artichokes. By Roberta Gangi.

Ancient Acoustics. Hearing what you see. Greek amphitheatres and sound. By Carlo Trabia.

May 2018
Wild Asparagus. Tasty sprouts. By Roberta Gangi

Mary of Aragon. Forgotten queen. By Vincenzo Salerno.

Dion. Tyrant of Syracuse. By Ignazio Lo Verde.

April 2018
Richard Lionheart. English king in Sicily By Luigi Mendola.

Sicanian Mountains. Sicily's stately peaks. By Vincenzo Mormino.

Saint Agatha. By Jacqueline Alio.

March 2018
Sicily's Historian. Mendola speaks. Interview by Olivia Howard.

Buccellato. Sicily's plum pudding. By Roberta Gangi.

Tour Guides. Finding the right one. By Andy Russo.

February 2018
Finding Jewish Roots. Sicily's crypto Jews. By Luigi Mendola.

Citron. Lemonish Sicilian fruit. By Roberta Gangi.

Sicilian Pizza. Eclectic flavors. By Roberta Gangi.

September 2017
Marzipan. Sweet almonds. By Roberta Gangi.

Sicilian Hedgehogs. Not quite porcupines. By Maria Mazzaro.

The Palermo Stone. Egyptian legacy. By Carlo Trabia.

August 2017
Two Sicilies. An island divided. By Marilu Romano.

Capers. Tasty buds. By Roberta Gangi.

Sicilian Ice Cream. Kewl in Summer. By Roberta Gangi.

July 2017
Bed & Breakfasts. Where to stay. By Robert Savoia.

Inventing the Wheel. Neolithic engineers. By Carlo Trabia.

Nepotism in Sicily. Jobs for cousins. By Marilu Romano.

June 2017
Joan of England. Queen of Sicily. By Jacqueline Alio.

Modican Chocolate. Sweet Aztec delight. By Roberta Gangi.

Aphrodite. Goddess of love. By Jacqueline Alio.

May 2017
Arethusa. Nymph of Syracuse. By Vincenzo Salerno.

Nebrodi Fir. Sicilian conifer. By Maria Mazzaro.

Sfincione. Sicilian pizza. By Francesca Lombardo.

April 2017
Aliester Crowley in Sicily. Master occultist. By Vincenzo Salerno.

Hindu-Arabic Numerals. Easy numbers. By Carlo Trabia.

The Inquisition. Trial and torture. By Roberto Paglia.

March 2017
Hotel Rankings. Falling stars. By Catherine Marks.

Hugh Falcandas. Cynical chronicler. By Vincenzo Salerno.

Sicilian Capers. Spice of life. By Roberta Gangi.

February 2017
Francesco Laurana. Winter wonderland. By Antonella Gallo.

Sicilian Almonds. February's blossoms. By Roberta Gangi.

Shakespeare in Sicily. Who was he? By Daniela Paglia.

January 2017
Nebrodi Mountains. Winter wonderland. By Vincenzo Mormino.

Urchins. Winter delight. By Roberta Gangi.

The Inquisition. Trial and torture. By Roberto Paglia.

December 2013
Christmas in Sicily. The truest holidays. Roberto Paglia.

Almond Marzipan. Martorana fruit. By Roberta Gangi.

Carduna! Tasty stalks. By Francesca Lombardo.

November 2013
Winter in Sicily. Start planning now! By Steffi Lanza.

Sicilian Artichokes. Sicilian-est vegetable. By Roberta Gangi.

Fulco di Verdura. Delicious jewels. By Antonella Gallo.

October 2013
Alcantara Gorge. Sicilian canyon. By Vincenzo Mormino.

Sicilian Chestnuts. October's bounty. By Roberta Gangi.

Benjamin of Tudela. Medieval rabbi. By Jacqueline Alio.

September 2013
100 Horse Chestnut. Europe's oldest tree? By Maria Mazzaro.

Aristocratic Vintners. Noble art of winemaking. By Roberta Gangi.

Arethusa. The nymph of Siracusa. By Vincenzo Salerno.

August 2013
Saint Louis in Sicily. Saint of August. By Vincenzo Salerno.

Babbaluci. Summer snails. By Roberta Gangi.

Templars. Knights in Sicily. By Vincenzo Salerno.

July 2013
Sicilian Ice Cream. Kewl in Summer. By Roberta Gangi.

Rosalie. July's saint. By Vincenzo Salerno.

Sacred Mountain. Mt. Etna in history. By Vincenzo Mormino.

June 2013
Pino Puglisi. Anti-Mafia priest beatified. By Vincenzo Salerno.

Nebrodi Fir. Sicily's rare conifer. By Maria Mazzaro.

Caponata. Aubergine salad. Roberta Gangi.

May 2013
Asparagus. The wild Sicily. By Roberta Gangi.

Sulfur. Golden mineral. By Vincenzo Mormino.

Purple Swamp Hen. The return. Vincenzo Mormino.

April 2013
Fritella. Spring cuisine. By Roberta Gangi.

Segesta in Springtime. Temples in bloom. By Daniele Dionisio.

Ficuzza. Royal hunting estate. By Carlo Trabia.

March 2013
Easter in Sicily. On March 31st. By Steffi Lanza.

Gold and Jewels. Find the stores. By Roberta Gangi.

Sfinci of March. For St Joseph's Day. By Roberta Gangi.

February 2013
Sicily This Winter. Visit before April! By Steffi Lanza.

Sicilian Hazelnuts. Toasted delight. By Roberta Gangi.

Wagner and Verdi Remembered. Celebrating 200 years. By Beniamino Inserra.

January 2013
Sicilian Chickpeas. Toasted ceci. Roberta Gangi.

Cicero in Sicily. Proclaiming justice. By Vincenzo Salerno.

December 2012
Francis I of the Two Sicilies. The King and his Order. By Luigi Mendola.

The Sicilian Region. Almost independent. By Vincenzo Salerno.

Christmas in Sicily 2012. Come to Sicily. By Roberto Paglia.

November 2012
Family History. Open the door to genealogy. By Vincenzo Salerno.

Chestnuts. Autumn's roasted delight. By Roberta Gangi.

Risorgimento. Books about Italian unification. By Luigi Mendola.

October 2012
Sicilian Diaspora. Sicilians outside Italy. Who are they? By Vincenzo Salerno.

Two Sicilies. Italy's richest, most prosperous state until 1860. By Luigi Mendola.

Frederick's Religion. Sicily's "godless" king... Was Frederick II an atheist? By Luigi Mendola.

September 2012
Syracuse's Mikveh. Europe's oldest Jewish ritual bath. By Jackie Alio.

George Maniakes. A Byzantine general in Arab Sicily. By Luigi Mendola.

Siracusa Cathedral. An ancient Greek legacy and Paleo-Christian church. By Vincenzo Salerno.

August 2012
Odo of Bayeux. The Conqueror's brother. By Luigi Mendola.

Emperor Henry VI. Swabian king of Sicily. By Luigi Mendola.

Peoples of Sicily. World of cultures. By Vincenzo Salerno.

July 2012
Sicily's Surnames. Sicilian onomastics. By Luigi Mendola.

Jewish Palermo. A city's Judaic legacy. By Jackie Alio.

Palermo Cathedral. Timeless diversity in stone. By Vincenzo Salerno.

June 2012
Ceres. Sicily's lonely planet. By Carlo Trabia.

Tour Operators. Practical advice for travel agents. By Andrew Russo.

Remembering Giovanni Falcone. Twenty years later, the Mafia is weaker. By Vincenzo Salerno.

May 2012
Sicily's Monarchs. Kings of Sicily listed. By Luigi Mendola.

Roger I. The Count of Sicily. By Luigi Mendola.

Aphrodite. Or Venus or Astarte. By Jacqueline Alio.

April 2012
Plato. Utopia in Sicily. By Vincenzo Salerno.

Babbaluci. Tasty ground snails. By Roberta Gangi.

Who runs Sicily? Governing the chaos. By Marilu Romano.

March 2012
Revisionist History. Reality distorted. By Luigi Mendola.

Fennel. Grassy and tasty. By Roberta Gangi.

Sfinci. Pastries of March. By Roberta Gangi.

February 2012
Organic Farming. Sicily returns to its natural roots. By Roberta Gangi.

Gothic Portals. Medieval heritage in graceful arches. By Carlo Trabia.

Remaking Italy. Encouraging economic growth. By Marilu Romano.

January 2012
Sicily in Winter. Reasons to visit. By Steffi Lanza.

Sicilian Cookery Classes. Cooking lessons and courses. By Roberta Gangi.

December 2011
Magione Basilica. Medieval treasure. By Luigi Mendola.

Sea Urchins. Seafood delicacy. By Roberta Gangi.

Almond Marzipan. Martorana fruit. By Roberta Gangi.

November 2011
Pistachio Pesto. Creamy but crunchy. By Roberta Gangi.

The Crusades in Sicily. Crusaders and kings. By Luigi Mendola.

Hephaestus. Vulcan's forge. By Vincenzo Salerno.

October 2011
The Great Schism. Sicily and Christianity after 1054. By Luigi Mendola.

Modica Chocolate. Delicious baroque pleasure. By Roberta Gangi.

Falconry & Frederick II. Sport of kings, emperors and sultans. By Carlo Trabia.

September 2011
The Trinacria. An ancient Sicilian symbol. By Carlo Trabia.

The Genoard Park. A king's refuge outside Old Palermo. By Jackie Alio.

Cuttlefish. Delicious black pasta sauce. By Roberta Gangi.

August 2011
Sicilian Couscous. A taste of Arab Sicily. By Roberta Gangi.

Scipione Rebiba. Apostolic succession lives. By Vincenzo Salerno.

Historic Families: Grimaldi. The Genoese Sicilians. By Luigi Mendola.

July 2011
Charles V. 16th century king. By Luigi Mendola.

Historic Families: Celestre. The Trigona inheritance. By Vincenzo Salerno.

Sicilian Sausage. Pizzaiola. By Roberta Gangi.

June 2011
Fava Beans. Sicilian legumes rediscovered. By Roberta Gangi.

Secret Tower - Palazzo Federico. A medieval treasure revealed. By Carlo Trabia.

The Frittata. Sicilian omelets. By Roberta Gangi.

May 2011
Nebrodian Salami. Delicious salted pork. By Roberta Gangi.

Historic Families: Branciforte. The strong claw. By Vincenzo Salerno.

The War Next Door. Libya's civil war continues. By Luigi Mendola.

April 2011
Jousts and Tournaments. Medieval sports. By Roberto Savona.

Richard Lionheart. English king in Sicily. By Luigi Mendola.

Ricotta. Sicilian cottage cheese. By Roberta Gangi.

March 2011
Steri Castle, Palermo. Medieval residence of Sicilian monarchs. By Carlo Trabia.

King Kokalos of the Sicanians. Ancient Sicilian ruler. By Vincenzo Salerno.

Sfinci. Sweet temptation. By Roberta Gangi.

February 2011
Charlatans! Real, unreal and surreal. By Marilu Romano.

Gaetano Mosca. Theory of elitism. By Michele Parisi.

Norman Palace. Refuge of Norman and Swabian kings. By Carlo Trabia.

January 2011
Cuccìa. Wheat berry pudding. By Roberta Gangi.

Historic Families: Sclafani. A Gothic legacy. By Vincenzo Salerno.

See Sicily this Winter. 12 good reasons to come over now. By Stefania Lanza.

December 2010
The Sit-In. High school rebels. By Marilu Romano.

Historic Families: Abbatellis. Counts and castles. By Vincenzo Salerno.

Buccellato. Winter treat. By Roberta Gangi.

November 2010
Joys of Saint Martin's Summer. Moscato and biscotti. By Roberta Gangi.

Historic Families: Chiaramonte. Bad knights. By Vincenzo Salerno.

Croquettes. Potato fritters. By Francesca Lombardo.

October 2010
Finding Jewish Roots. Sicily's crypto Jews. By Luigi Mendola.

Citron. Lemonish Sicilian fruit. By Roberta Gangi.

Sicilian Pizza. Eclectic flavors. By Roberta Gangi.

September 2010
Kebabs. Sicilianized specialty. By Roberta Gangi.

Knights Templar. The order in Sicily. By Vincenzo Salerno.

Sicilian Figs. Juicy fruit. By Roberta Gangi.

August 2010
Skewered! Chicken as Sicilian fast food. By Roberta Gangi.

Mary of Aragon. Forgotten medieval Sicilian queen. By Vincenzo Salerno.

Baarìa. The movie reviewed. By Michele Parisi.

July 2010
Mafia Origins. Crime that pays. By Filippo Spadafora.

Morgantina Silver An ancient treasure returns. By Antonella Gallo.

Births outside Marriage. A Sicilian trend. By Marilu Romano.

June 2010
Giuseppe Garibaldi and Sicily. The man and his myth. By Filippo Spadafora.

The Leopard Lives! A literary masterpiece. By Michele Parisi.

Wild Asparagus. Bitter but delicious. By Roberta Gangi.

May 2010
Credit Crunch and Recession. Effects in Sicily. By Marilu Romano.

Sicilian Granita. Sweet fruity ices. By Roberta Gangi.

Feudalism in Sicily. Lords, fiefs, serfs. By Luigi Mendola.

April 2010
Casa Professa. Jesuit Baroque. By Carlo Trabia.

Sicilian Broccoli. Wild and tasty. By Roberta Gangi.

Paschal Passions. Easter in Sicily. By Stefania Lanza.

March 2010
Saint Lucy. A saintly Sicilian woman. By Jacqueline Alio.

Constantinian Order of Saint George. Chivalry as philanthropy. By Luigi Mendola.

Bourbon Arsenal. Naval legacy of past centuries. By Carlo Trabia.

February 2010
Sicily in Winter. An invitation. By Stefania Lanza.

Freemasonry. The craft in Sicily. By Roberto Savona.

Carduna! The artichoke's country cousin. By Francesca Lombardo.

January 2010
Sicily's Aristocratic Vintners. Wine making as a noble art. By Roberta Gangi.

Cefalù Cathedral's Cloister. God's garden restored. By Carlo Trabia.

Cavagrande Cassibile. Discovering a timeless Hyblaean Canyon. By Vincenzo Mormino.

December 2009
Alcantara Gorge. Kewl canyon fed by Etna's snows. By Vincenzo Mormino.

Red Palm Weevils. Evil bugs attack Sicily! By Vincenzo Mormino.

Paul in Sicily. A Christian's voyage. By Vincenzo Salerno.

November 2009
Vendicari. Magnificent marshes of southeastern Sicily. By Vincenzo Mormino.

Millions Missing. Where'd the money go? By Marilu Romano.

Zingaro Nature Reserve. Precious grasslands of northwestern Sicily. By Vincenzo Mormino.

October 2009
A Child's Sicily. Things to do on holiday in Sicily with your children. By Stefania Lanza.

Aristocrats. Paradise lost - decline, fall and survival of the privileged class. By Giovanna Guccia.

Pantalica. Ancient necropolis in southeastern Sicily. By Carlo Trabia.

September 2009
Italian Law and You. Welcome to the jungle! By Amanda Sorensen.

Sicilian Watermelons. Natural summer delight. By Roberta Gangi.

Sicanian Mountains. Peaks, valleys and history. By Vincenzo Mormino.

August 2009
Sicilians and Libyans. Lions in the desert - winners and losers. By Luigi Mendola.

Lycopene! Why eat more tomatoes and watermelon? By Roberta Gangi.

Margaret of Navarre. Mother, wife, and queen regent of Sicily. By Jackie Alio.

July 2009
Keeping Sicily Clean! Garbage strikes and tourism. By Cheryl Di Speranza.

Elvira of Castile. Sicily's first queen. By Vincenzo Salerno.

Kyane. Cyane and other nymphs. By Ignazio Lo Verde.

June 2009
Amaretto. Not too sweet. By Roberta Gangi.

Divorce Sicilian Style. Laws and emotions: divorce real and imagined. By Marilu Romano.

Peter of Aragon. A distinguished medieval ruler. By Vincenzo Salerno.

May 2009
'Sicilian' Style? Men's fashion trends in Sicilian cities. By Antonella Gallo.

Saint Agatha. Catania's patron saint in history and legend. By Jackie Alio.

Sicilian Public Holidays. Great reasons for taking a day off. By Marilu Romano.

April 2009
Bed and Breakfasts. Staying 'at home' while you travel. By Robert Savoia.

Bands of Gold. Sicilians, rings and sentiments. By Marilu Romano.

Golf in Sicily Great courses around the island. By Bob Wilson.

March 2009
Inventing the Wheel. Neolithic engineers. By Carlo Trabia.

Popolino. Sicily's forgotten underclass. By Marilu Romano.

Let it Snow! Kewl Sicily. By Maria Mazzaro.

February 2009
Megalithic Temples. The first Sicilian builders take their craft abroad. By Carlo Trabia.

Caravaggio in Sicily. A wild artist in his natural element. By Antonella Gallo.

Malta. The country next door, closer than you think. By Vincenzo Salerno.

January 2009
Frederick's Law. Observations on the Constitutions of Melfi of 1231. By Manlio Lima.

King Francis II. Reflections on the life of the last king of Sicily, who died in 1894. By Vincenzo Salerno.

Hedgehogs in Sicily Not quite porcupines. By Maria Mazzaro.

December 2008
Thomas Becket's Sicily. Sicilian connections of a medieval English saint. By Jackie Alio.

Nepotism in Sicily. Jobs for relatives: No professional experience required. By Marilu Romano.

Sicilian Heraldry Part 3 Historical titles of nobility used in Sicily. By Luigi Mendola.

November 2008
Falling Stars. Taking the mystery out of ranking Sicily's hotels. By Catherine Marks.

Giuseppe Pitrè. Sicily's folklorist and anthropologist. By Vincenzo Salerno.

Street Protests! Not to fear: The revolution is over by lunchtime. By Manlio Lima.

October 2008
Tour Guides in Sicily. Finding the right one. By Andy Russo.

English Common Law & Islamic Law. From Sicily to England. By Manlio Lima.

Benjamin of Tudela. Travelling medieval rabbi. By Jackie Alio.

September 2008
Mediterranean Union. Uniting a disunited region. By Manlio Lima.

Sicily's Best Olive Oil. Selections from our 2008 tasting. By Roberta Gangi.

Tale of Two Sicilies. An island divided, East and West. By Marilu Romano.

August 2008
Charybdis. Monstrous whirlpool of myth and fact. By Ignazio Lo Verde.

The "100 Horse Chestnut." Probably Europe's oldest tree. By Maria Mazzaro.

Then and Now. Sicily grows up. By Marilu Romano.

July 2008
Saint Rosalie. Palermo's patron. By Vincenzo Salerno.

Hercules in Sicily. Feats of courage. By Ignazio Lo Verde.

Sicilian Bagpipes. Windy music. By Andrea Catalano.

June 2008
Royal Dais. Crowning Sicily's kings. By Carlo Trabia.

Hugo Falcandas. Cynical chronicler. By Vincenzo Salerno.

Arugula. Bitter herb. By Roberta Gangi.

May 2008
Giuseppe Di Stefano. Legendary tenor. By Beniamino Inserra.

Dion. Tyrant of Syracuse. By Ignazio Lo Verde.

Taken at Night. Photographing Palermo. By Carlo Trabia.

April 2008
Nebrodi Fir. The Sicilian pine. By Maria Mazzaro.

Gorgias. A Sophist philosopher. By Ignazio Lo Verde.

Gargoyles. Gothic rain spouts come to life. By Carlo Trabia.

March 2008
Sicilian Vespers. Sicily's medieval revolution. By Vincenzo Salerno.

Sicily's Plane Trees. Made for shade. By Maria Mazzaro.

Stesichorus. Greek lyric poetry. By Ignazio Lo Verde.

February 2008
Sicilian Heraldry Part 2. More about coats of arms. By Luigi Mendola.

University Student Life in Sicily. A reality check. By "Marco Tedesco."

Manfred of Sicily. Last Swabian king of Sicily. By Vincenzo Salerno.

January 2008
Sicilian Heraldry Part I. Coats of arms. By Luigi Mendola.

Guido Jung. Sicily's Jewish Fascist. By Vincenzo Salerno.

Pizzo! Mafia protection rackets die slowly. By Maria Luisa Romano.

December 2007
Christmas in Sicily. Holidays... By Roberto Paglia.

King William the Good. William II of Sicily. By Vincenzo Salerno.

Order of the Holy Sepulchre. Medieval knights. By Daniela Paglia.

November 2007
Francesco Crispi. Italy's worst statesman? By Vincenzo Salerno.

Sfincione. Sicilian pizza. By Francesca Lombardo.

Trilingual Manuscript. Harley Psalter. By Daniela Paglia.

October 2007
Secret Sicily. Photographs of a hidden land. By Vincenzo Mormino.

Palermo Stone. Early Egyptian dynasties. By Carlo Trabia.

Ancient Fashion. Styles BC. By Antonella Gallo.

September 2007
Agathocles. A tyrant of ancient Greek Syracuse. By Vincenzo Salerno.

Kings & Knights. Medieval feudal institutions in Sicily. By Alberto Lanza.

Panella. Fried chickpea cakes. By Francesca Lombardo.

August 2007
Ibn Jubayr. Medieval geographer. By Vincenzo Salerno.

Paper Making. A European milestone. By Antonella Gallo.

Empedocles. Philosophy and physics. By Vincenzo Mormino.

July 2007
Stigghiola. Traditional picnic food. By Roberta Gangi.

Knights of Malta in Sicily. Chivalry in Sicily. By Daniela Paglia.

Bread and Circuses. Winning elections in Sicily. By Marilu Romano.

June 2007
Job Preferments. Buying and selling public-sector jobs. By Marilu Romano.

Four Queens. Powerful medieval sisters who ruled Europe. By Vincenzo Salerno.

Manna. Sicilian manna ash trees. By Roberta Gangi.

May 2007
Timaeus. Writing ancient history. Taormina's ancient historian. By Vincenzo Salerno.

Fritella. Green gourmet delight. Fava beans and artichokes. By Roberta Gangi.

Ancient Acoustics. Hearing what you see. Greek amphitheatres and sound. By Carlo Trabia.

April 2007
Secret Castle. Palermo's seaside fortress. By Antonella Gallo.

Rationalism. Fascist architecture in Sicily. By Carlo Trabia.

Spleen-burgers! Pane con la milza. By Francesca Lombardo.

March 2007
Liberty. Sicilian Art Nouveau. By Carlo Trabia.

Ducetius. Ancient rebel. By Vincenzo Salerno.

Aliester Crowley in Sicily. Master occultist. By Vincenzo Salerno.

February 2007
Paolo Borsellino. Crusading judge. By Vincenzo Salerno.

Refugee Landings. Coming to Sicily. By Roberto Paglia.

Veils and Scarves. Removing the veil of history. By Maria Romano.

January 2007
Luigi Sturzo. Activist cleric. By Vincenzo Salerno.

Teutonic Knights in Sicily. Medieval Sicilian chivalry. By Daniela Paglia.

Caponata. Aubergine salad. By Roberta Gangi.

December 2006
Benedictines in Sicily. Western monasticism in Sicily. By Vincenzo Salerno.

Europe's Sacred Mountain. Mystical Etna. By Vincenzo Mormino.

Phantom School. Financing the imagination. By Roberto Paglia.

November 2006
Black Death. The Bubonic Plague in Sicily. By Vincenzo Salerno.

Arancine. Crispy rice balls. By Francesca Lombardo.

Arabic Numerals. Easy numbers. By Carlo Trabia.

October 2006
Wired Island. Cell phones everywhere. By Roberto Paglia.

Jawhar as-Siqilli. Sicilian founder of Cairo. By Vincenzo Salerno.

REAL Jobs Wanted! Working (or not) in Sicily. By Maria Romano.

September 2006
Mosaic. Timeless art in colored stone. By Antonella Gallo.

Cannoli. Sugary tubular treats. By Roberta Gangi.

"Taxing" Taxis. Getting there without getting ripped off. By Roberto Paglia.

August 2006
Ettore Majorana. Nuclear physicist. By Vincenzo Salerno.

Sicilian Gelato. Ice cream. By Roberta Gangi.

Sicilian Deer. Extinct species. By Vincenzo Mormino.

July 2006
Sicilian Peoples: The Jews. Judaic Sicily. By Jacqueline Alio.

Peter of Eboli. Medieval monastic chronicler. By Daniela Paglia.

Cassata Cake. Sweet Sicily. By Roberta Gangi.

June 2006
Sicilian Almonds. Nutty Sicily. By Roberta Gangi.

Luigi Pirandello. Psychological drama. By Daniela Paglia.

Education in Sicily. Schools and the underclass. By Maria Romano.

May 2006
Mafia Kingpin Captured. Boss finally found. By Roberto Paglia.

Neoclassical Sicily. Classical redux. By Carlo Trabia.

The Savoys. Royal heirs. By Vincenzo Salerno.

April 2006
Saint Louis in Sicily. French king in Palermo. By Vincenzo Salerno.

Sicilian Romanesque Gothic. When medieval styles meet. By Carlo Trabia.

Best Olive Oil. Organic oil selected in blind tasting. By Roberta Gangi.

March 2006
Sicilian Religions: Neolithic Faiths. Earliest religions of Sicily. By Vincenzo Salerno.

Sicilian Baroque. Epitome of expression. By Carlo Trabia.

Ciullo d'Alcamo. Romantic Sicilian poetry. By Daniela Paglia.

February 2006
Sicilian Peoples: The Spaniards. Spanish Sicily. By Vincenzo Salerno.

Ancient Jewels. Sicanian, Punic, Greek. By Antonella Gallo.

White Mafia. White Mafia, a documentary. By Michele Parisi.

January 2006
Sicilian Peoples: The Albanians. Arbresh in Sicily. By Vincenzo Salerno.

The Kalsa. A city's Arab quarter. By Carlo Trabia.

Sicilian Boyfriends. Dating Sicilian Men. By Marilu Romano.

December 2005
Sicilian Peoples: The Aragonese. King Peter's Sicily. By Luigi Mendola.

New Sicilians. Meet Sicily's immigrants. By Marilu Romano.

Sicilian Christmas. Buon Natale! By Roberto Paglia.

November 2005
Sicilian Peoples: The Angevins. Sicily's medieval French. By Luigi Mendola.

Zisa Gardens. Norman-Arab glory revived. By Carlo Trabia.

Sicilian Halloween. More souls than ghosts. By Roberto Paglia.

October 2005
Sicilian Peoples: The Swabians. The Germans and Emperor Frederick II. By Luigi Mendola.

Sicilian Coffee. The best coffee is even better than you thought. By Roberta Gangi.

Rape of Palermo. A dark chapter of modern urban history. By Roberto Paglia.

September 2005
Sicilian Peoples: The Normans. Building the Kingdom of Sicily. By Luigi Mendola.

Palazzo Abatellis. Regional art gallery. By Antonella Gallo.

Rustic Engagements. Old fashioned introductions. By Maria Luisa Romano.

August 2005
Sicilian Peoples: The Arabs. Sicily's Saracens. By Luigi Mendola.

The Inquisition. Trial and torture. By Roberto Paglia.

Shakespeare in Sicily. The REAL Shakespeare. By Daniela Paglia.

July 2005
Sicilian Peoples: The Byzantines. Medieval Greek Sicily. By Luigi Mendola.

Sicilian Blonde. Sicily's blonde obsession. By Maria Luisa Romano.

Esoteric History. New Age Sicily. By Carlo Trabia.

June 2005
Sicilian Peoples: The Vandals and Goths. Sicily's civilised barbarians. By Luigi Mendola.

Neo-Fascism in Sicily. Revising Italy's history. By Roberto Paglia.

Norman, Arab, Byzantine. Multicultural medieval architecture. By Carlo Trabia.

May 2005
Sicilian Peoples: The Romans. Sicily's Imperial heritage. By Vincenzo Salerno.

Wild Olives. Sicilian oleasters. By Maria Mazzaro.

Torrone. Medieval candy. By Roberta Gangi.

April 2005
Sicilian Peoples: The Carthaginians. Sicily's Punic colonisation. By Vincenzo Salerno.

Sicilian Capers. Spice of life. By Roberta Gangi.

Smoke-free Sicily! A healthier Sicily. By Roberto Paglia.

March 2005
Sicilian Peoples: The Greeks. Colonizing ancient Sicily. By Vincenzo Salerno.

Kanats of Sicily. Arab underground aqueducts. By Carlo Trabia.

Public Corruption. Stealing millions. By Roberto Paglia.

February 2005
Sicilian Peoples: The Phoenicians. Building an empire, and an alphabet. By Vincenzo Salerno.

Francesco Lo Jacono. Painterly romantic realism. By Antonella Gallo.

Nero d'Avola. Truest red wine. By Roberta Gangi.

January 2005
Sicilian Peoples: The Sicels. Early Italic colonists. By Vincenzo Salerno.

Novello. Sicily's noveau wines. By Roberta Gangi.

Goethe in Sicily. Historic Sicilian travelogue. By Daniela Paglia.

December 2004
Sicilian Peoples: The Elymians. Bronze Age Settlers. By Vincenzo Salerno.

Sulfur in Sicily. Fire and brimstone. By Vincenzo Mormino.

Art of Denaro. Architectural art. By Antonella Gallo.

November 2004
Sicilian Peoples: The Sicanians. The earliest Sicilians, from stone to bronze. By Vincenzo Salerno.

Joan of England. Medieval legacy of Sicily's youngest queen. By Jacqueline Alio.

Sugar Cane in Sicily. Crystalline ecstacy, the sweetest thing. By Roberta Gangi.

October 2004
Papyrus in Sicily. Stalks, baskets and paper. By Maria Mazzaro.

Saracen Door. Sicily's multicultural revolution. By Carlo Trabia.

100 Strokes. Bestselling erotic fiction. By Maria Romano.

September 2004
Sex in Sicily. Behind closed doors. By Maria Romano.

Medieval Arched Windows. Romanesque architectural heritage. By Carlo Trabia.

Avenging Angelo. Romantic Mafia comedy. By Michele Parisi.

August 2004
Stanislao Cannizzaro. A political physicist. By Vincenzo Salerno.

Thalassemia in Sicily. About Cooley's Anemia. By Vincenzo Mormino.

Sicilian Mulberries. Fruit, leaves and silk. Roberta Gangi.

July 2004
Francesco Laurana. Master Renaissance sculptor. By Antonella Gallo.

Wine Country. Sicily's timeless vineyards. By Vincenzo Mormino.

The Mermaid. Di Lampedusa's short story. By Michele Parisi.

June 2004
Mario Minniti. Art of "Sicily's Caravaggio." By Antonella Gallo.

Nebrodi Mountains. Sicily's forested wonderland. By Vincenzo Mormino.

Emilio Segré. Physics research in Palermo. By Vincenzo Salerno.

May 2004
Dancing Satyr. Ancient bronze rediscovered. By Antonella Gallo.

King Roger II. Sicily's first king. By Vincenzo Salerno.

Mattanza. Ritual tuna fishing. By Roberta Gangi.

April 2004
Danilo Dolci. The defiant social activist. By Vincenzo Salerno.

Madonie Mountains. Timeless scenery in Sicily's snow-capped high peaks. By Vincenzo Mormino.

Castelmola Fortified Taormina yesterday and today. By Carlo Trabia.

March 2004
Sicilian Porcupines. Nocturnal survivors. By Vincenzo Mormino.

Chess in Sicily. A medieval game. By Vincenzo Salerno.

Piazza Pretoria. Fountain of pleasure. By Carlo Trabia.

February 2004
Pipits in Sicily. Fields of birds.By Vincenzo Mormino.

Punic Palermo. Phoenicians and Carthaginians. By Vincenzo Salerno.

The Coppola. Sicily's favorite hat. By Antonella Gallo.

January 2004
Redwing Thrush. A graceful songbird. By Vincenzo Mormino.

Diodorus Siculus. Writing ancient history. By Vincenzo Salerno.

Ficuzza. Royal hunting reserve. By Carlo Trabia.

December 2003
Imperial Heads. Roman statues discovered. By Carlo Trabia.

New Baroque. Sculpture of Iolanda Stoppi. By Antonella Gallo.

Baroness of Carini. Tale of betrayal and murder. By Vincenzo Salerno.

November 2003
Libero Grassi. The defiant entrepreneur. By Vincenzo Salerno.

Return of Cagliostro. A charlatan's movie. By Michele Parisi.

Daedalus in Sicily. Myth and reality. By Vincenzo Salerno.

October 2003
Is Sicily Anti-American? Some xenophobic observations. By Roberto Paglia.

Secret File. Hard fact or cinematic fiction? By Michele Parisi.

Sicilian Honey. From blossoms of oranges and almonds. By Roberta Gangi.

September 2003
New Faces. Foreign brides invade Sicily. By Maria Romano.

Wine Renaissance. New Sicilian wines. By Roberta Gangi.

Art of Pietro Sciortino. Depicting Sicilian life. By Antonella Gallo.

August 2003
Bonelli's Eagle. Graceful bird of prey. By Vincenzo Mormino.

Secret Island. Volcanic Ferdinandea. By Ignazio Lo Verde.

Sicilian Princess. Maria Carolina de Bourbon. By André Mantegna.

July 2003
Salvatore Quasimodo. Sicily's modern poet. By Vincenzo Salerno.

Sicilian Pistachios. Persian nut in Sicily. By Roberta Gangi.

Byzantine (north) East. Treasures of northeastern Sicily. By Antonella Gallo.

June 2003
Blood Oranges. A different kind of fruit. By Roberta Gangi.

Abdullah al Idrisi. Geographer who put Sicily on the map. By Vincenzo Salerno.

Gibellina's Labyrinth. Street sculpture gone mad. By Antonella Gallo.

May 2003
Sicilian Cheeses. Pecorino, caciocavallo, tuma. Delicious! By Roberta Gangi.

Aeschylus. Ancient dramatist still takes centre stage. By Vincenzo Salerno.

Art of La Cognata. Oil paintings that capture life. By Antonella Gallo.

April 2003
Egyptian Catania. The Catanian elephant and the obelisk of Isis. By Antonella Gallo.

Street Markets. Open year round. Sicily's open air markets. By Roberta Gangi.

Sicilian Artichokes. Esotic, thorny and delicious. By Roberta Gangi.

March 2003
Marvelous Marella Ferrera. Sicilian style comes alive. By André Mantegna.

Myth of Arethusa. The nymph of Syracuse. By Vincenzo Salerno.

Art of Lo Cascio. Painting in classical style. By Antonella Gallo.

February 2003
Fiat Downsizes in Sicily. The changing face of industry. By Vincenzo Salerno.

Agrigento Goat. A breed apart. By Vincenzo Mormino.

Fulco di Verdura. Stylish creations of a timeless master. By Antonella Gallo.

January 2003
University of Palermo. Good, bad and ugly. Student life in Sicily. By Roberto Paglia.

Icons by Veronica Hadarag. Byzantine art by a master iconographer. By Antonella Gallo.

Archimedes. The scientific sage of the classical age. By Vincenzo Salerno.

December 2002
Giacomo Serpotta. The Baroque's master sculptor. By Antonella Gallo.

Is Spaghetti Sicilian? The medieval creation of Sicilian pasta. By Roberta Gangi.

Sicilian Black Swine. Boarish but never boorish. By Vincenzo Mormino.

November 2002
Sicilian Tarantula. Zelotes Messinai, Sicily's spider. By Vincenzo Mormino.

Angela - A True Story. A woman's Mafia. Movie reviewed by Michele Parisi.

Art of Fabrizio Pezzino. Graphic abstractions on canvas. By Antonella Gallo.

October 2002
Car Parkers! Sicily's favorite illegal occupation. By Vincenzo Salerno.

The Florios. Creative 19th century entrepreneurs. By Michele Parisi.

Palazzo Santo Stefano. One of Taormina's true treasures. By Carlo Trabia.

September 2002
The Leopard. Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa. Aristocratic storyteller. By Michele Parisi.

Red-footed Falcon. Sicily's favourite bird of prey. Splendour in flight. By Vincenzo Mormino.

The Doll Makers. Personalities in porcelain, made in Sicily. By Antonella Gallo.

August 2002
Door to Heaven. A medieval treasure saved. By Carlo Trabia.

Constance's Crown. Queen Constance of Sicily. By Jacqueline Alio.

Andrea Camilleri. The people's novelist. By Michele Parisi.

July 2002
Frederick II. Stupor mundi, Sicily's emperor. By Beniamino Inserra.

Saint Nicodemus. Saint Nicodemus of Palermo. By Vincenzo Salerno.

The Red Fox. The foxes of Sicily. By Vincenzo Mormino.

June 2002
Bread Sculpture. A baker's true art. By Antonella Gallo.

Bikinis of Sicily. A Sicilian invention? By Ignazio Lo Verde.

Bridging the Strait. Messina's proposed span. By Carlo Trabia.

May 2002
Sicilian Desert. Is Sicily too dry? By Carlo Trabia.

Salt and Windmills. Trapani's salt marshes. By Ignazio Lo Verde.

The Little Egret. Sicily's favorite heron. By Vincenzo Mormino.

April 2002
Against the Mafia. Remembering Judge Giovanni Falcone. By Vincenzo Salerno.

Alessandro Scarlatti. Composing greatness. By Beniamino Inserra.

Impressions of Sicily. Artist Antonella Affronti. By Antonella Gallo.

March 2002
Persephone in Sicily. The legend of Sicily's Goddess. By Vincenzo Salerno.

Hermann's Tortoise. Colourful creature from reptilian Sicily. By Vincenzo Mormino.

Art of Giuseppa D'Agostino. A Palermitan artistic style. By Antonella Gallo.

February 2002
Creating Ballerinas. Studying ballet in Sicily. The best ballet schools. By Andrè Mantegna.

Giuseppe Tornatore. Sicily's cinematic voice. A unique director. By Michele Parisi.

Palermitan Picasso. The art of Pippo Rizzo, futurist and stylist. By Antonella Gallo.

January 2002
The Partisan. Pompeo Colajanni, the Sicilian partisan who fought Fascism. By Vincenzo Salerno.

Windows of Cefalù. Abstract windows for a medieval cathedral. Evolution or revolution? By Carlo Trabia.

Piana degli Albanesi. A town photographed in black & white. By André Mantegna. (Anche in italiano.)

December 2001
Prima Ballerina. Eleonora Abbagnato takes to the stage. By André Mantegna.

Sicilian Rock Partridge. An edible but delightful game bird. By Vincenzo Mormino.

Pietro Zuccaro. Catania's resident abstract expressionist. By Antonella Gallo.

November 2001
Art of Sebastiano Caracozzo. Surreal impressionism. The colourful art of Caracozzo. By Antonella Gallo.

The Sicilian Hound. The cirneco, hunting dog with an ancient pedigree. By Vincenzo Mormino.

October 2001
Wild Horses of Sicily Born free. The last wild horses of Sicily roam the valleys of the Nebrodi Mountains. By Vincenzo Mormino.

Leonardo Sciascia. Sicily's defiant novelist was Italy's collective conscience, and his message endures. By Vincenzo Salerno.

Sicily's Anglican Church. England in Sicily. Royal legacy of the Sicilian chapel of English kings. By Ignazio Lo Verde.

September 2001
Maria Grazia Cucinotta. Beyond fame. The actress from Messina and the return of the classic Mediterranean look. Her career, thoughts and The Cucinotta Mystique. By André Mantegna.

Marionettes and Puppet Theatre. Medieval chivalry and romance come to life in a unique folk tradition continued by a few master artists and performers. By Antonella Gallo.

Lady Chatterly's Lover and Taormina. D.H. Lawrence's novel, inspired by a Sicilian love story in the English community at Taormina during the eccentric 1920s. By Vincenzo Salerno.

August 2001
Persephone's Sisters: Women's Rights in Sicily. Valeria Ajovalasit, president of Arcidonna, Sicily's leading feminist organization, interviewed by Roselyn Guarino.

Wild Cats of Sicily. Felis lybicus sarda, the rare wild cat that inhabits the forests of the rugged Sicilian mountains. A natural legacy in danger. By Vincenzo Mormino.

Antonello da Messina. Born in the 15th century, Sicily's first oil painter had a style and technique far ahead of his time. By Antonella Gallo.

July 2001
Return of the Purple Swamp Hen. A Mediterranean marsh bird long absent from Sicily returns to nest. By Vincenzo Mormino.

Temple of Diana. Cefalù's most ancient monument remains undiscovered by all but the hardiest visitors. By Ignazio Lo Verde.

Rebirth of Piazza Magione. An old square is restored. Successful urban restoration or modern architectural disaster? By Carlo Trabia.

June 2001
Francesco Messina. The most famous Sicilian sculptor of the 20th century left a legacy of classical realism. By Antonella Gallo.

Segesta in Springtime. It's full flower in the breathtaking valley of the best-preserved temple of Magna Graecia. By Daniele Dionisio.

Vincenzo Bellini. The 19th century Catanian composer whose brief career and enduring creativity forever influenced Italian opera. By Beniamino Inserra.

May 2001
Cagliostro. Vincenzo Salerno introduces us to Giuseppe Balsamo, the Palermitan magician and mystic who personifies the spirit of a unique Italian city.

Liana Rasa. The New Sicilian Woman is stronger than ever. Meet Liana Rasa, working mother and bodybuilder. Profile by Luigi Causi.

Saint Michael's Chapel. The Normans' royal chapel at Altofonte --as tranquil and inspiring today as it was eight centuries ago. By Carlo Trabia.

April 2001
Malena. Set in wartime Sicily, Giuseppe Tornatore's newest film is an Oscar nominee, but is it worth seeing? Michele Parisi reviews the Sicilian director's most recent effort.

The Beati Paoli. The esoteric world of Sicily's 17th century avengers, part knight and part Ninja. Who were they? Roberto Savona offers some answers about this secret society.

Ghost Town. Spirits of the past all but whisper in the wind in a Sicilian Wild West. Visit Old Poggioreale, a ghost town frozen in time, with Carlo Trabia.

March 2001
Roberta Torre Strikes Again. The director returns to Sicily with "South Side Story," her groundbreaking film about romantic life in Palermo's African community. By Mauro Azzolini.

The Botanical Gardens. A medieval church, a Baroque greenhouse, and tropical plants from around the world. All in a unique park in the busy centre of Sicily's largest city. By Maria Mazzaro.

Giovanni Verga and Cavalleria Rusticana. With this singular story, the rustic sage of Sicily brought Sicilian drama from the Catanian countryside to the world's stage. By Beniamino Inserra.

February 2001
Restoring Sicily's Past. Wooden and plaster statues, furniture, and interiors come back to life in the hands of master restorer Pietro Boscia. By Aurora Della Valle. (Per leggerlo in italiano, clicca qui.)

Paride Benassai. Meet the actor-director who has come to symbolize popular theatre in Sicily. Profile by Gilda Sciortino. (Per leggerlo in italiano, clicca qui.)

The Last Queen of Sicily. She died in 1925 at the age of 83. The story of Maria Sophia, the courageous queen who led loyalist troops against invading armies in 1860. By Jacqueline Alio.

A Small Step Toward Federalism. They're not radicals but Nuova Sicilia wants a place for Sicily in the Mediterranean World and the European Community. By Andrea Catalano.

All the King's Men. Chivalry is still alive in Sicily, but don't expect swords or armor. These knights wear more medals than metal. The arcane world of Sicilian knights and ladies. By Vincenzo D'Urso.

January 2001
Legacy of Palazzo Asmundo. Professor (and Cavaliere) Francesco Lo Piccolo takes us on a trip to Palermo's noble past with a visit to one of the city's 17th century mansions.

Maria Salmeri Marchese. Gilda Sciortino introduces us to a painter whose unique technique and style redefine the phrase "Sicilian artist." (Per leggerlo in italiano, clicca qui.)

An English Lion in Sicily. Architect Carlo Trabia takes us to 12th century Sicily, where we meet this regal feline and follow him to King Henry's London.

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