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Francesco Laurana.
Nebrodi Mountains.
The Professor and the Mermaid.
Francesco Laurana
Wine Country
The Mermaid

Master Renaissance sculptor. By Antonella Gallo.

Sicily's timeless vineyards. By Vincenzo Mormino.

Di Lampedusa's short story. By Michele Parisi.

June 2004

Mario Minniti.

Mario Minniti. Art of "Sicily's Caravaggio." By Antonella Gallo.

Nebrodi Mountains.

Nebrodi Mountains. Sicily's forested wonderland. By Vincenzo Mormino.

Emilio Segré.

Emilio Segré. Physics research in Palermo. By Vincenzo Salerno.

May 2004
Dancing Satyr. Ancient bronze rediscovered. By Antonella Gallo.

King Roger II. Sicily's first king. By Vincenzo Salerno.

Mattanza. Ritual tuna fishing. By Roberta Gangi.

April 2004
Danilo Dolci. The defiant social activist. By Vincenzo Salerno.

Madonie Mountains. Timeless scenery in Sicily's snow-capped high peaks. By Vincenzo Mormino.

Castelmola Fortified Taormina yesterday and today. By Carlo Trabia.

March 2004
Sicilian Porcupines. Nocturnal survivors. By Vincenzo Mormino.

Chess in Sicily. A medieval game. By Vincenzo Salerno.

Piazza Pretoria. Fountain of pleasure. By Carlo Trabia.

February 2004
Pipits in Sicily. Fields of birds.By Vincenzo Mormino.

Punic Palermo. Phoenicians and Carthaginians. By Vincenzo Salerno.

The Coppola. Sicily's favorite hat. By Antonella Gallo.

January 2004
Redwing Thrush. A graceful songbird. By Vincenzo Mormino.

Diodorus Siculus. Writing ancient history. By Vincenzo Salerno.

Ficuzza. Royal hunting reserve. By Carlo Trabia.

December 2003
Imperial Heads. Roman statues discovered. By Carlo Trabia.

New Baroque. Sculpture of Iolanda Stoppi. By Antonella Gallo.

Baroness of Carini. Tale of betrayal and murder. By Vincenzo Salerno.

November 2003
Libero Grassi. The defiant entrepreneur. By Vincenzo Salerno.

Return of Cagliostro. A charlatan's movie. By Michele Parisi.

Daedalus in Sicily. Myth and reality. By Vincenzo Salerno.

October 2003
Is Sicily Anti-American? Some xenophobic observations. By Roberto Paglia.

Secret File. Hard fact or cinematic fiction? By Michele Parisi.

Sicilian Honey. From blossoms of oranges and almonds. By Roberta Gangi.

September 2003
New Faces. Foreign brides invade Sicily. By Maria Romano.

Wine Renaissance. New Sicilian wines. By Roberta Gangi.

Art of Pietro Sciortino. Depicting Sicilian life. By Antonella Gallo.

August 2003
Bonelli's Eagle. Graceful bird of prey. By Vincenzo Mormino.

Secret Island. Volcanic Ferdinandea. By Ignazio Lo Verde.

Sicilian Princess. Maria Carolina de Bourbon. By André Mantegna.

July 2003
Salvatore Quasimodo. Sicily's modern poet. By Vincenzo Salerno.

Sicilian Pistachios. Persian nut in Sicily. By Roberta Gangi.

Byzantine (north) East. Treasures of northeastern Sicily. By Antonella Gallo.

June 2003
Blood Oranges. A different kind of fruit. By Roberta Gangi.

Abdullah al Idrisi. Geographer who put Sicily on the map. By Vincenzo Salerno.

Gibellina's Labyrinth. Street sculpture gone mad. By Antonella Gallo.

May 2003
Sicilian Cheeses. Pecorino, caciocavallo, tuma. Delicious! By Roberta Gangi.

Aeschylus. Ancient dramatist still takes centre stage. By Vincenzo Salerno.

Art of La Cognata. Oil paintings that capture life. By Antonella Gallo.

April 2003
Egyptian Catania. The Catanian elephant and the obelisk of Isis. By Antonella Gallo.

Street Markets. Open year round. Sicily's open air markets. By Roberta Gangi.

Sicilian Artichokes. Esotic, thorny and delicious. By Roberta Gangi.

March 2003
Marvelous Marella Ferrera. Sicilian style comes alive. By André Mantegna.

Myth of Arethusa. The nymph of Syracuse. By Vincenzo Salerno.

Art of Lo Cascio. Painting in classical style. By Antonella Gallo.

February 2003
Fiat Downsizes in Sicily. The changing face of industry. By Vincenzo Salerno.

Agrigento Goat. A breed apart. By Vincenzo Mormino.

Fulco di Verdura. Stylish creations of a timeless master. By Antonella Gallo.

January 2003
University of Palermo. Good, bad and ugly. Student life in Sicily. By Roberto Paglia.

Icons by Veronica Hadarag. Byzantine art by a master iconographer. By Antonella Gallo.

Archimedes. The scientific sage of the classical age. By Vincenzo Salerno.

December 2002
Giacomo Serpotta. The Baroque's master sculptor. By Antonella Gallo.

Is Spaghetti Sicilian? The medieval creation of Sicilian pasta. By Roberta Gangi.

Sicilian Black Swine. Boarish but never boorish. By Vincenzo Mormino.

November 2002
Sicilian Tarantula. Zelotes Messinai, Sicily's spider. By Vincenzo Mormino.

Angela - A True Story. A woman's Mafia. Movie reviewed by Michele Parisi.

Art of Fabrizio Pezzino. Graphic abstractions on canvas. By Antonella Gallo.

October 2002
Car Parkers! Sicily's favorite illegal occupation. By Vincenzo Salerno.

The Florios. Creative 19th century entrepreneurs. By Michele Parisi.

Palazzo Santo Stefano. One of Taormina's true treasures. By Carlo Trabia.

September 2002
The Leopard. Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa. Aristocratic storyteller. By Michele Parisi.

Red-footed Falcon. Sicily's favourite bird of prey. Splendour in flight. By Vincenzo Mormino.

The Doll Makers. Personalities in porcelain, made in Sicily. By Antonella Gallo.

August 2002
Door to Heaven. A medieval treasure saved. By Carlo Trabia.

Constance's Crown. Queen Constance of Sicily. By Vincenzo Salerno.

Andrea Camilleri. The people's novelist. By Michele Parisi.

July 2002
Frederick II. Stupor mundi, Sicily's emperor. By Beniamino Inserra.

Saint Nicodemus. Saint Nicodemus of Palermo. By Vincenzo Salerno.

The Red Fox. The foxes of Sicily. By Vincenzo Mormino.

June 2002
Bread Sculpture. A baker's true art. By Antonella Gallo.

Bikinis of Sicily. A Sicilian invention? By Ignazio Lo Verde.

Bridging the Strait. Messina's proposed span. By Carlo Trabia.

May 2002
Sicilian Desert. Is Sicily too dry? By Carlo Trabia.

Salt and Windmills. Trapani's salt marshes. By Ignazio Lo Verde.

The Little Egret. Sicily's favorite heron. By Vincenzo Mormino.

April 2002
Against the Mafia. Remembering Judge Giovanni Falcone. By Vincenzo Salerno.

Alessandro Scarlatti. Composing greatness. By Beniamino Inserra.

Impressions of Sicily. Artist Antonella Affronti. By Antonella Gallo.

March 2002
Persephone in Sicily. The legend of Sicily's Goddess. By Vincenzo Salerno.

Hermann's Tortoise. Colourful creature from reptilian Sicily. By Vincenzo Mormino.

Art of Giuseppa D'Agostino. A Palermitan artistic style. By Antonella Gallo.

February 2002
Creating Ballerinas. Studying ballet in Sicily. The best ballet schools. By Andrè Mantegna.

Giuseppe Tornatore. Sicily's cinematic voice. A unique director. By Michele Parisi.

Palermitan Picasso. The art of Pippo Rizzo, futurist and stylist. By Antonella Gallo.

January 2002
The Partisan. Pompeo Colajanni, the Sicilian partisan who fought Fascism. By Vincenzo Salerno.

Windows of Cefalù. Abstract windows for a medieval cathedral. Evolution or revolution? By Carlo Trabia.

Piana degli Albanesi. A town photographed in black & white. By André Mantegna. (Anche in italiano.)

December 2001
Prima Ballerina. Eleonora Abbagnato takes to the stage. By André Mantegna.

Sicilian Rock Partridge. An edible but delightful game bird. By Vincenzo Mormino.

Pietro Zuccaro. Catania's resident abstract expressionist. By Antonella Gallo.

November 2001
Art of Sebastiano Caracozzo. Surreal impressionism. The colourful art of Caracozzo. By Antonella Gallo.

The Sicilian Hound. The cirneco, hunting dog with an ancient pedigree. By Vincenzo Mormino.

October 2001
Wild Horses of Sicily Born free. The last wild horses of Sicily roam the valleys of the Nebrodi Mountains. By Vincenzo Mormino.

Leonardo Sciascia. Sicily's defiant novelist was Italy's collective conscience, and his message endures. By Vincenzo Salerno.

Sicily's Anglican Church. England in Sicily. Royal legacy of the Sicilian chapel of English kings. By Ignazio Lo Verde.

September 2001
Maria Grazia Cucinotta. Beyond fame. The actress from Messina and the return of the classic Mediterranean look. Her career, thoughts and The Cucinotta Mystique. By André Mantegna.

Marionettes and Puppet Theatre. Medieval chivalry and romance come to life in a unique folk tradition continued by a few master artists and performers. By Antonella Gallo.

Lady Chatterly's Lover and Taormina. D.H. Lawrence's novel, inspired by a Sicilian love story in the English community at Taormina during the eccentric 1920s. By Vincenzo Salerno.

August 2001
Persephone's Sisters: Women's Rights in Sicily. Valeria Ajovalasit, president of Arcidonna, Sicily's leading feminist organization, interviewed by Roselyn Guarino.

Wild Cats of Sicily. Felis lybicus sarda, the rare wild cat that inhabits the forests of the rugged Sicilian mountains. A natural legacy in danger. By Vincenzo Mormino.

Antonello da Messina. Born in the 15th century, Sicily's first oil painter had a style and technique far ahead of his time. By Antonella Gallo.

July 2001
Return of the Purple Swamp Hen. A Mediterranean marsh bird long absent from Sicily returns to nest. By Vincenzo Mormino.

Temple of Diana. Cefalù's most ancient monument remains undiscovered by all but the hardiest visitors. By Ignazio Lo Verde.

Rebirth of Piazza Magione. An old square is restored. Successful urban restoration or modern architectural disaster? By Carlo Trabia.

June 2001
Francesco Messina. The most famous Sicilian sculptor of the 20th century left a legacy of classical realism. By Antonella Gallo.

Segesta in Springtime. It's full flower in the breathtaking valley of the best-preserved temple of Magna Graecia. By Daniele Dionisio.

Vincenzo Bellini. The 19th century Catanian composer whose brief career and enduring creativity forever influenced Italian opera. By Beniamino Inserra.

May 2001
Cagliostro. Vincenzo Salerno introduces us to Giuseppe Balsamo, the Palermitan magician and mystic who personifies the spirit of a unique Italian city.

Liana Rasa. The New Sicilian Woman is stronger than ever. Meet Liana Rasa, working mother and bodybuilder. Profile by Luigi Causi.

Saint Michael's Chapel. The Normans' royal chapel at Altofonte --as tranquil and inspiring today as it was eight centuries ago. By Carlo Trabia.

April 2001
Malena. Set in wartime Sicily, Giuseppe Tornatore's newest film is an Oscar nominee, but is it worth seeing? Michele Parisi reviews the Sicilian director's most recent effort.

The Beati Paoli. The esoteric world of Sicily's 17th century avengers, part knight and part Ninja. Who were they? Roberto Savona offers some answers about this secret society.

Ghost Town. Spirits of the past all but whisper in the wind in a Sicilian Wild West. Visit Old Poggioreale, a ghost town frozen in time, with Carlo Trabia.

March 2001
Roberta Torre Strikes Again. The director returns to Sicily with "South Side Story," her groundbreaking film about romantic life in Palermo's African community. By Mauro Azzolini.

The Botanical Gardens. A medieval church, a Baroque greenhouse, and tropical plants from around the world. All in a unique park in the busy centre of Sicily's largest city. By Maria Mazzaro.

Giovanni Verga and Cavalleria Rusticana. With this singular story, the rustic sage of Sicily brought Sicilian drama from the Catanian countryside to the world's stage. By Beniamino Inserra.

February 2001
Restoring Sicily's Past. Wooden and plaster statues, furniture, and interiors come back to life in the hands of master restorer Pietro Boscia. By Aurora Della Valle. (Per leggerlo in italiano, clicca qui.)

Paride Benassai. Meet the actor-director who has come to symbolize popular theatre in Sicily. Profile by Gilda Sciortino. (Per leggerlo in italiano, clicca qui.)

The Last Queen of Sicily. She died in 1925 at the age of 83. The story of Maria Sophia, the courageous queen who led loyalist troops against invading armies in 1860. By Giovanni Monaco.

A Small Step Toward Federalism. They're not radicals but Nuova Sicilia wants a place for Sicily in the Mediterranean World and the European Community. By Andrea Catalano.

All the King's Men. Chivalry is still alive in Sicily, but don't expect swords or armor. These knights wear more medals than metal. The arcane world of Sicilian knights and ladies. By Vincenzo D'Urso.

January 2001
Legacy of Palazzo Asmundo. Professor (and Cavaliere) Francesco Lo Piccolo takes us on a trip to Palermo's noble past with a visit to one of the city's 17th century mansions.

Maria Salmeri Marchese. Gilda Sciortino introduces us to a painter whose unique technique and style redefine the phrase "Sicilian artist." (Per leggerlo in italiano, clicca qui.)

An English Lion in Sicily. Architect Carlo Trabia takes us to 12th century Sicily, where we meet this regal feline and follow him to King Henry's London.

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